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Spinning Machines - D40 Modular

Product Line Sold

D40 horizontal CNC Spinning Lathe

Bokö builds a range of spinning and flowforming machines. Among these products is the modular D40 product line. This modular type machine designed to be run under ISO standard CNC control. The new single roller spinning lathe can process blanks up to 32 inches in diameter and lengths up to 27 inches. This new lower cost modular machine provides longitudinal and radial roller forces up to 60 kN. Automatic programmable tool turret means no need for the operator to manually change rollers, beading or cutoff tools. Because of the rigid design, mandrels can also be turned directly on the machine.

The new product lines design consists of welded construction, inclined bed, hydraulic longitudinal and radial slides, protected exchangeable guide ways, and a main spindle powered by an AC drive via a 2 step gearbox, The feed axes, tailstock and ejector are hydraulically operated. The manual machine controls provide a simplified means for controlling machine motion during the spinning process.

Machine operation is simplified around a Teach and Playback capability which utilizes joystick control of roller motion. Joystick type controls provide the operator with tactile force feedback in proportion to the actual roller force allowing the operator to "feel" roller pressure while spinning. In Teach mode, the machine records the spinning program in standard ISO NC format. The programs can be run in Playback mode, edited, stored on IBM compatible diskettes, and downloaded through standard CAD/CAM systems. These innovations provide manual spinning shops the capability to capture skilled operator's spinning know-how and begin their move toward CNC spinning without risk.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Quick operator learning of intuitive machine controls
[Bullet] Teach and Playback captures trained spinner skill
[Bullet] Fully programmable in standard ISO N block format programming

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