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Bokö's Line of Machine Tool Products

Bokö is the leader in 5 and 6 axis machine tool building. Bokö built the first manual 6 axis machine tool in 1928 and since then strives to deliver machine tools to the market place that more than meet the requirements of our customers, the end users.

Milling Machines - WF Series
Our universal high power 6 axis milling machines provide a unique flexibility of design. Conventional horizontal machining, vertical machining, angular drilling, milling and boring, internal milling and drilling can all be achieved by our WF Series Machine headstock that incorporates a boring slide built right in the headstock itself.
Milling Machines -VH Series
Universal 6 axis machining with a bi-rotative headstock provides 200° of tool swing, from 10° above horizontal, to vertical, and back to 10° above the horizontal on the opposite side in the A axis and 360° of continuous motion in the C axis. The linear stokes of the machine allow the tool to reach all most areas of the table surface in any orientation! The rotary table provides a workzone doubling effect that makes the workzone comparable with many gantry and rail type mills of twice the expense. The CNC system supports true 5-axis machining with any 5 of the 6 available axes.
UniSpeed 5 Axis High Speed Universal Milling Machine
Boko's newest product offering provides the solution sought by firms looking for a high speed milling machine with 5 axis capability. With 3 linear motions that deliver feedrates up to 600 ipm two rotary motions and a main spindle delivering12000 rpm and 40 hp! This nwe machine is being built in 3 size ranges with tables from 1500mm x 1000mm to 3000mm x 1400mm.
CNC and Manual Metal Spinning Machines - Product Line Sold
Our spinning machines provide state of the art control of roller tool paths using standard ISO N Block format CNC programming. Our model D40 includes a six position tool turrets, trim and cutoff slides provide complete auto cycling control. "Teach and Playback" capabilities allow an experienced spinner to create roller passes using joystick control of the machine.
CNC Flowforming Machines - Product Line Sold
Bokö's line of higher power rotary flowforming machines provide the means for "spinning" thick wall or thin wall tubing and other complex cylindrical shapes from flat blanks or tube cutoffs. Again we are the first to incorporate standard CNC machine tool technology to control a process that was the haunt of the "custom" control builders. Bokö's rigid High-Accuracy design make us the dominant choice among manufacturers of flowformed aluminum car and truck wheels.
Duomat Fine Grinding Machines - Product Line Sold
Hahn & Kolb's Duomat line of Fine Grinding machines provide high speed processing of parts requiring flatness and parallelism usually associated with lapping -- in 1/20th of the time!! We now represent Stähli Inc. out of Biel, Switzerland to bring you this exceptional machine tool product line.

Bokö's Services

Bokö remains committed to providing world-class service and technical support for the products we sell. Follow the highlighted link headlines for an in-depth discussion of each one of the following service areas.

Service On-Site
When you need service on a machine that you count on -- you need service now. We do everything we can to schedule paid service as we are available on a scheduled service call basis. We have staffed our Service Department to accommodate the most difficult demands of our customers for service in a timely manner when their needs are urgent.
Bokö Services Group stocks over $40,000.00 in parts in the Rockford location and over $2,000.000.00 in Germany. If we do not have what you need in stock -- we can usually get it from our vendors in 48 hours or less. We manufacture many of the machine parts right in Rockford, Illinois and can expedite even the most difficult to manufacture parts in half the average manufacturing time.
Machine Rebuilding & Retrofitting
Bokö Services Group can quote you a total or partial machine rebuild to fit your budget. Remanufacturing protects your original machine tool investment for the future by protecting the productivity of your original Bokö machine purchase. If you have an older CNC machine that is a candidate for a retrofit, give us a call. We would be happy to quote new and faster servo drive system replacement, new spindle drive systems or a complete CNC retrofit including all drives, motors and controls.

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